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Services We Offer

Screenplays: Objective evaluation of screenplays for Motion Pictures and Television treatments, and story outlines. Identify marketing hooks and potential box office and revenue streams from a marketing perspective.

Creative Campaigns: Consultation with Marketing Departments and Filmmakers on design, creation and execution of creative campaigns-thereby ensuring that the message is focused and directly aimed at Canadian audiences for print, outdoor, broadcast, and digital platforms. Incorporate research companies to test marketing materials when required to provide that extra confidence to the campaign’s message and reassurance to producers.

Creating Complete Marketing Plans: Utilizing strong long relationships on all marketing platforms from broacast, digital, outdoor and print. Ensuring there is added value marketing opportunities in all windows.

Consultation on Media Plans for Offline and Online: Work alongside Marketing Departments and agencies to identify target audiences and ensuring Programmatic buying strategies are utilized wherever possible and objectives are met within approved budgets.

Targeting Canadian Audiences: Utilization of top research companies to develop detailed analysis primary and secondary audiences and box office potential.

The Cadillac Package: Work with filmmakers and producers from script stage to theatrical release. Be there every window ensuring the life of the film is properly handled from production marketing needs to theatrical launch and ancillary windows wherever needed.


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