Let’s have a frank discussion about entertainment marketing for motion pictures.

Frank is a highly successful marketing executive with 30 years of experience in motion picture marketing and exhibition.  Having been involved at every level with the release of over 2000 motion pictures, Frank has fostered and maintained valuable relationships throughout the advertising and creative industries both in Canada and the U.S.  He has also maintained solid relationships with well-respected studio executives, distributors, producers and directors across the globe.

As the executive in charge of Canadian marketing campaigns for such blockbusters as The Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games trilogies, and of modern classics such as The King’s Speech, Spotlight and The Artist, Frank oversaw every facet of the films’ advertising and promotional elements.  Frank’s unique ability to target and connect with younger movie goers helped the Insidious trilogy and Halloween series find their audiences. 

The success of Canadian films such as Remember, The Captive, Passchendaele, Goon, and Race can be traced back to Frank’s innovative and focussed approach to attracting audiences.

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